About Us

What Makes Us Special

Marymede Early Learning Centre prides itself on not only providing children with an enjoyable and enriching Kindergarten education, but also preparing students adequately for their ensuing Primary education. We understand that all stages of education are important but in particular the early transition years, as they can place extra challenges on students and their families.

In addition to the Centre’s contemporary indoor and outdoor learning space, we offer children a unique opportunity to access the facilities, resources and specialist learning areas of Marymede Catholic College. This enables our children to experience the contemporary resources of a P-12 school including a Resource Centre, Fitness Centre, Art Laboratories and sporting fields.

The Educators at Marymede Early Learning Centre work closely with the Prep Teaching Team at Marymede Catholic College to ensure that children complete their kindergarten year with the skills and dispositions necessary to be school-ready and best placed to start their primary school experience.